Who We Are?

Our Mission

Community Integration – bringing local residents and young people together with the local community which reduces feelings of isolation particularly for our older residents. Reduces anti-social behaviour – the programmes we deliver within the Youth Club help to ensure young people have a purpose and are not easily led into untoward activity. Our diversionary programmes ensure our young people are safe and they have a sense of belonging. Our centre is the hub of the community – it provides opportunity for meaningful interaction and provides support for our local citizens who participate in our programmes to learn new skills and self-develop.

Resilience – our programmes help participants to build resilience towards challenging social issues. The Fountain community is a minority community and sometimes our residents can experience a sense of isolation and vulnerability. The benefits can be demonstrated by the following: We carry out ongoing evaluations of our programmes. We gather feedback from participants on how these programmes have impacted them. We are required to evidence our outcomes for each of our funders. The anti-social behaviour in the area has reduced and this is due to our strong community integration working with the PSNI, youth justice and statutory agencies. Our residents have told us that without our centre as a hub they would feel isolated and benefit greatly from the advice and counselling programme as well as our debt management programme which has helped many. There is no harm from our purposes. Our beneficiaries are the following: Young people, the local community, the wider community, families (parents participate in our programmes), displaced members of the Protestant community as a result of the exodus in 1972 who are now returning to the Fountain estate as they feel they still wish to be part of the community.

Cathedral Youth Club
Cathedral Youth Club
Cathedral Youth Club

What We Do . . .

We carry out our purpose by providing ongoing programmes within the Youth Club. These include Youth Diversionary initiatives, Counselling service, Education and Training programmes, Programmes for older people e.g. art classes, patchwork classes, Irish history classes, IT classes, and inter-generational programmes, Sports & Healthy Living programmes.

We also deliver an Active Families programme which includes counselling, cooking, health eating and a homework club. We also deliver cross community/cross border community relations programmes. We manage a Community Allotment programme as well as Community Festivals and Celebration events. Our centre provides a community hub where services and a safe shared space is available 12 hours per day, as well as weekends when required. We also work with Job Assist, Rutledge, Churches Voluntary Work Bureau to support young adults in our community to improve their skills with a view to gaining employment. We provide support with writing CV’s, developing interview skills and completing job applications.

Our Core Benefits

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